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MyAudience are excited to announce the introduction of the Matterport 3D Showcase, a completely new for of immersive 3D media that invites you to explore a place as if you are really there, offering a total sense of how a property fits together.


The Matterport Pro 3D Camera is a next generation device that captures colour and depth. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and powerful cloud processing to quickly make immersive digital experiences out of real-world environments. Using the proprietary Dollhouse View and a Floor Plan view the 3D Showcase easily allow the viewer to navigate their way entirely through a property, using only their mouse, keyboard or finger on smartphones and tablets.


Photo galleries, 360° panoramas, and fly-through videos can lack the perspective and feel that home buyers and sellers crave. The 3D Showcase uses the very latest technology to capture fully responsive property tours that work seamlessly on mobiles, tablets and computers with load times rendering very quickly.


Cost Effective

For the most cost effective way to take advantage of this new product, simply bolt a 3D Showcase onto an existing Floor plan, Photography or EPC visit. We have virtually the entire country covered.

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3D Showcase

The 3D showcase can be embedded into Rightmove, Zoopla or any other website just like a video, so users can experience on web and mobile with no plug-ins or download.


CoreVR turns any existing 3D showcase into immersive virtual reality experiences automatically. Start leveraging the only quick, simple way to generate immersive, shareable VR content.

Seeing is believing – have a look at some of our recent Matterport 3D Showcase tours:

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Award Winning



Many vendors comment on the quality of the photographs that we provide, comparing them to the images that were supplied when they first bought their home. Whilst our high spec camera equipment plays a part in the results we achieve, it is more about composition,lighting and most importantly an eye for detail.


We believe that every property brought to the market irrespective of size or price should be showcased to its full potential. Our photographers pride themselves in finding creative ways to ensure that this is achieved. Ordered in conjunction with a Brochure, EPC and/or Floor plan a set of professional photos can be extremely cost effective.


We have also invested heavily in elevated photography equipment enabling us to offer beautifully constructed elevated photographs of buildings and land in most of our operating territories.



MyAudience (Nichecom) have been market leaders in providing professional floor plans for over 20 years.


Driven by the visual nature of the internet we have seen floor plans become an essential aid to the selling of properties. Vendors are becoming far more educated in terms of how they would like their property marketed. Providing a first class marketing package allows agents to retain higher fees despite a challenging market environment, whilst assuring the vendor they are getting value for money and the best possible service.


Not all floor plans are the same. We provide fully insured RICS compliant floor plans with full dimensions and room names. Our floor plans are supplied in any required format to achieve optimum web and print viewable quality.


Our experience within the industry ensures a wealth of knowledge from our 70 people ‘out on the road’ to our skilled floor plan CAD technicians. We also use state of the art technology which allows us to provide a first proof of your floor plan within an hour of leaving the property.