Prospect are a dynamic agency with 10 offices across Berkshire, Hampshire and Surrey. Established for almost 30 years they have grown year on year into a company known for innovation and drive. They care passionately about what they do and enthusiasm abounds from the top of the organisation to the bottom. 

The Brief: Prospect came to us from a number of corners and for a number of different reasons. Different directors asking questions on how help them engage with more customers, to rationalise and simplify their communications and to unite their core Prospect brand with PhD; their brand for exclusive properties.

The result: A full re-brand. To make the 2 parts of the business work better together, to link and form a clear path between Prospect and Prospect PhD. To simplify and clarify the messages and give Prospect the brand tools to know instinctively what communications should say and look like. To give them the confidence to be able to express themselves, be proud of who they are, and to enable them to effectively communicate and continue their growth.