Whether you are looking for brochures, direct mail, flyers, posters, stationery, email templates, social media banners or simply an asset library, then the MyAudience marketing portal is a starting point to create, store and distribute your marketing.

Here are some key
features of our online
marketing portal:
  • All material designed and created to comply with your corporate guidelines
  • Pre-populated templates to ensure consistent correct contact and network details
  • Editable templates for user personalisation
  • Direct Mail and data integration allowing users to build targeted lists
  • An approval process to ensure no mistakes before anything goes out
  • Monthly/Quarterly branch print budgets can be fixed
  • Weekly and monthly reports generated detailing branch activity and spend
  • Available to users 24/7

Marketing a business is hard work these days, managing the daily challenges of delivering maximum return on minimum investment, in the shortest time – while keeping an eye on the latest trends and developments.


Added to this does your organisation have a number of branches and departments each requiring some level of marketing effort? Do you have a central marketing team, but much of the marketing can be done on the ground by a wider group of individuals? Do you find too much of your marketing department’s time is spent on admin or individual requests and not enough on the bigger-picture marketing work?


If you answered yes to any of the questions above, an online marketing portal could make a significant difference to your work. The specific challenges facing both large and small business will be different however when it comes to marketing there are some universal objectives that a marketing portal can address and manage.


Brand Control | Budget Management | Quality control

As an example take a very simple ‘daily’ occurrence:

“I want a mailer to promote an upcoming event please can you supply me something”

Possible Outcomes:

1. The marketing team are too busy and because the deadline is in a few hours and they say they don’t have time.

2. The office decides to pull something together themselves it will be quicker and the administrator likes doing things like that.

3. “I have a graphic designer friend they will be able to pull something together, it will cost us a bit of money but then will be able to do it quicker than head office”.

Possible Results:

Now imagine you have your own online marketing portal

The branch is able to access the marketing portal, 24-7, choose from a range of adaptable templates, all adhering to brand guidelines (fonts, colours, logos etc.), add any images they wish from the pre-approved library. Finally checked and sent to a trusted print supplier who charges a pre-agreed price and delivers on time. Quick, correct and at no additional cost to the business.

The benefits of an online marketing portal enables for businesses:

1. Branches get what they need, when they need it. They feel empowered to be able to do their own local marketing rather than being reliant on central marketing. An approval process can also be put in place should marketing just want to sign things off.


2. Central Marketing is happy as they know the templates being used follow brand guidelines, messages and images don’t risk damaging the brand identity. It also allows marketing to focus on the bigger picture.


3. Finance is happy, as they are not receiving invoices from unknown suppliers, branches can even be set up with monthly and quarterly budgets that means they can never spend any more money than has been pre-agreed.


Sometimes you may be contacted by people who have received a mailer or letter from you asking for more information as to where the data comes from, how to remove them or update the information held for that address. Below are a few answers to the common questions we are asked:


Where did you get my details from?
MyAudience (your Third Party data marketing service) obtains homeowner data from Experian, one of the main providers of financial and consumer information:


“Our data sources are extensive, calling on our own proprietary data surveys, edited Electoral Roll data, third party partner data and segmentation classifications that encompass our Mosaic UK, Financial Strategy Segments, Fashion Segments and TrueTouch solutions, allowing for an easier route to successfully acquiring profitable new customers.”


As a provider of data Experian compiles and verifies their information from a number of sources, strictly adhering to current Data Protection laws. This data is screened on a monthly basis against the MPS (Mail Preference Service)


Can I have my details removed?
Yes, we can suppress your records from our data, although it’s important to remember that this may only initially remove you from the data you buy from MyAudience, depending on the reason/method used to suppress. We do need basic information to make sure that we suppress the correct record, this information is not held anywhere else and if they are to confirm a name we don’t have at that address, we would not add that into the system. Suppression requests should be sent to your account manager. We need the name, address with full post code and the reason for removal as below:


Gone Away – This marks the name as no longer at the address and removes the name and makes the record a Homeowner record. This information will get fed back into the system and effectively ‘correct’ the data. It can take a few weeks for residual data to be updated.


Do Not Mail – This suppresses the record for that individual, we can supress all people showing at that address. This is a request made to your company account only. It will not stop any other businesses sending mail. If not already registered with the MPS we would recommend anyone wishing to opt out of receiving communications by post can do so by following this URL: http://www.mpsonline.org.uk/mpsr


Deceased – This removes the name from the system for all users of Experian data.


What if they need MORE than this?
Should more extensive support on data be required, we are happy to help you, and can provide contact details for the appropriate person to answer their further queries if needed. Contact your Account Manager in the first instance.


It is imperative that branches ALWAYS use new lists when they want to send out marketing, as if they use previous lists, the data may not be updated and the same address may get another mailing.

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