Out with the old, in with the new

Out with the old, in with the new

MyAudience has decided that it’s out with the old and in with the new by introducing a brand-new website.


The new site better reflects all the services we offer, and we think explains how our team members’ skills combine to offer a unique and coordinated approach to marketing. There are examples of our work and over time more will be added to show how we tackle the issues facing our clients and work with them to help them resolve them.


One of the issues we had with the previous website was that we felt that it focused too heavily on one of the products we offer; data analysis when we are so much more than that.


MyAudience USP is that we are greater than a sum of our parts, we are data analysis, we are also designers, marketeers and printers. We value the skills we each have and enjoy collaborating to get the best solution for our clients, and the most creative response to their brief.


Explaining our team’s coordinated approach and unique blend of experience and skills needed to be simple, easy to understand and navigate. To achieve this, we have created four distinct categories, simplifying the way for the visitor to find the information most relevant to their immediate needs, but exposing other services and capabilities along the way.


Being approachable, honest and a real partner to our clients is what we know they value most, so it was vital our site conveyed this. We can handle large-scale communication and print projects, but we’re more than happy to have a chat about an idea or an issue a client may have. Too often a website has no contact details or it’s email only – not with us! We are people, we will answer the phone and speak to anyone wanting more information about our services.


It’s been launched for a few weeks, and so far we have received very positive feedback on the site; people seem to like the characters and design. The characters were a way of putting some personality and creativity onto the site without, selecting abstract images from a photo library that we hoped would represent our skills and abilities. The new look and feel of the website appears to be more attractive to users and provides a more efficient way to get people to where they want to go.


You can expect a further roll out of our fresh new design through a number of other outlets, but in the meantime, welcome to our new website!