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Top graphic design trends for 2020

How to take your brand into the next decade.


Year 2020 is only a couple of weeks away and as we move from the 2010s to the 2020s, you may be wondering if your branding will still cut the mustard or whether it’s starting to look a bit dated. Is it time to freshen up your look?


Today, graphic design plays such a crucial role in communicating who you are, what you do, and your unique appeal. However, it can be hard to keep up with the constantly evolving landscape to make sure your marketing materials convey the right messages.


We’ve done some research into the key design trends predicted to grow in popularity next year to help you move with the times. As a brand, the trick is to embrace new ideas, while trying to keep visual consistency across every aspect of your business.


Vibrant and bold colours

This is a theme that many leading agencies are talking about. People are getting increasingly bored of plain white backgrounds and embracing the more widespread use of strong and vibrant colours. Huge global brands such as like Apple, Tesla and Samsung have been all over this trend this year.


We predict that in 2020, the full spectrum of bright colours and slightly more muted ice-cream shades will be making a splash on all different types of artwork and web design. You only have to have quick glance at our website to tell we love a bit of a bold colourway!


There are always exceptions to the rule and we’re also seeing dark backgrounds (black, rather than blues or greens) making a resurgence. An elegant black tone combined with minimalism will continue to convey a sophisticated message.


Design trends for 2020 image



Colour gradients won’t just be relegated to the background but will be used in lots of interesting and unique ways in 2020. Gradients or ‘colour transitions’ have been actively developing over the past few years can be used across all the elements of your design.


And now it does not matter whether you use the expected combinations (white with black / red with orange / blue with violet) or colours that are incompatible at first glance. Gradients seem to be the one of the trends that all the agencies are shouting about so you can’t go wrong with incorporating it into any part of your design next year.


Gradients trends for 2020 MyAudience



Using metallic materials in graphic design is now established as ultra-trendy for branding identity and product design. By rule, this trend requires a minimalist overall design, so the focus falls on the metallic effect itself. We’re noticing that gold is the colour most widely used – it conveys luxury, class, and good taste.


To add an extra dimension, branding specialists are combining this trend with relief engraving for brand identity physical materials such as business cards.


To give some specific examples of how we’ve recently used metallics to great effect, we’ve been incorporating foiling into high-end promotional material such as new homes development brochures, short-run invitations and business cards.


Design trends 2020 MyAudience


Abstract and 3D images

Simple illustrations don’t have the same eye-catching power that they once did. Abstract and imaginative graphics will help your designs stand to out in 2020. To be at the very cutting edge, you can combine abstract with a 3D effect to make your design really pop. A 3D feel can be created by combining layers of typography, images and abstract shapes.


The 3D trend has been gaining momentum in 2019 and it certainly won’t fade away quickly. Thanks to the opportunities of modern technology and software capabilities, in 2020, we will keep seeing more awesome 3D graphic design compositions. A recent rebrand by BBC Two demonstrates beautifully how powerful this effect can be:


bbc branding

New vs. old BBC branding


Line art

Beautiful flowing lines and shapes can convey a natural and approachable feeling throughout your designs.


In its essence, line art is a schematic, simplified illustration style so is perfect for conveying concepts and ideas. It looks clean, elegant, and unobtrusive and is fast becoming one of the preferred decoration styles in graphic design trends 2020. It also pairs extremely well with the trend for strong bright colour backgrounds and use of heavy fonts – we’ll come onto this one next.


Line graphic with colour background MyAudience


Heavy fonts/Maxi typography

Beautiful flowing lines and shapes can convey a natural and approachable feeling throughout your designs.


When it comes to thickness, the rule for 2020 is – the thicker, the better. Heavy fonts and lettering are already flooding the world of graphic design. We see them in logos, on posters, on web designs, and even on package design. Designers are using bold or extra bold fonts paired with simple backgrounds or much lighter text to create interesting contrast in a design.


Maxi typography will cause letters to get really huge and even go beyond a composition’s edges. In 2020, maxi typography will be so maxi that designers will split the words into multiple lines.


Maxi fonts image
We’ve just picked out a few trends that we feel are going to be popular next year but if you have an idea you’d like to develop, our talented creative team can work with you to bring your vision to life.


If you’re not sure how to take your brand into the next decade, but feel your current look needs a tune-up, then we will happily provide you with some inspiration.


MyAudience all come from different creative design and marketing backgrounds, so there is a huge amount of combined expertise. Whether it’s advertising, brand creation and development, or design for marketing and sales material you need, we have the right blend of experience to tackle any project.


In addition, we have the latest iGen printers that are essential for producing the latest glossy, metallic or textured finishes that are going to continue to be popular into 2020.


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