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We LOVE PRINT – 10 reasons you should keep print in your marketing mix

We might be a bit biased but we can’t get enough of a beautifully designed piece of print marketing. In this technology-driven age, savvy companies are realising that by reaching out with a physical mailing piece, they are cutting through all the digital noise and providing their audience with no choice but to take notice of the tangible item that is under their nose.


So why should print still play such a big part in the marketing mix?


Tangibility counts


Print design leaves you with something tangible that you can touch and explore. This often leaves no option but to read it, unlike its counterpart, an email, which can be deleted straight before it is even opened, sending it into cyber space instantaneously.


When you create an attractive print item, it can be kept for days, months or even years, giving the recipient infinite opportunities to engage with your brand’s message.


Print appeals to the senses


There’s not much our senses can do with digital channels. We can look at our various-sized digital screens… but that’s about it. With print however, we not only see the paper but can feel it and smell the ink.


Triggering multiple senses adds to the effectiveness of print advertising. Martin Lindstrom, writer of “Brand Sense,” believes that those brands that appeal to more than three senses will be more successful with their advertising efforts than brands that don’t.


Luxury property brochure image


Luxury consumers prefer print


There is a certain cachet about a glossy magazine or brochure that online channels simply can’t replicate. It’s hard to convey luxury from a digital platform alone. A bespoke marketing piece produced on high quality paper or card, with special finishes such as foiling will shout quality and class to those looking to buy a prestigious item.


The power of personalisation


Every day, your spam box is probably clogged up with emails, so when you receive some personalised mail, you’re more likely to be impressed. Personalised mail can make a customer feel more valued and special as it feels as though more thought and care have been invested. Curiosity will be piqued and a customer relationship can be nurtured.





On average, consumers engaging in web-based information will skim for 15 seconds, yet those reading printed information such as brochures or leaflets will spend 30% more time studying the information. And if a regular mailing piece gets better engagement, then seasonal promotions can take this to the next level, reminding a client of your existence with some print that’s been designed to have longevity. For example, branded calendars or wall charts can keep your company name in the spotlight for a good 12 months or more.


Print readers have a longer attention span


It has long been understood that our brains process information differently depending on whether we read on screen or paper. Our brains seem to have a far longer attention span when reading a hard copy, whereas we skim or skip about when scanning digital text. When reading print, we also have fewer distractions (such as infuriating pop-ups and flashing banner ads) so are able to fully take in the messaging.


Greater creativity


There is far more flexibility with print design than there is with email. As well as using personalisation, there are endless ways to use quirky and unique design to help your brand to stand out and be easily remembered. From the size of the print item to the type of material, to where it goes and how you distribute it, you have the potential to create a completely original campaign. When it comes to creativity – the sky’s the limit!




With print design items, customers have no need to worry about imminent danger of clicking on the marketing email for fear of spam or viruses, which can tarnish your company’s reputation in an instant. With spam filters becoming ever-tighter, there will be percentage of emails that never make it through and furthermore, a domain can get easily blacklisted meaning no one with your company’s email address will be able to contact them.


There is far less suspicion with a printed mailing piece, which might be perceived to be less aggressive or ‘spammy’.




With GDPR giving a headache to those heavily involved with email marketing, the simplicity of a direct mail campaign can provide some welcome relief.

As you may know, under GDPR, businesses must have consent to obtain, store and use personal information about their customers. GDPR requires that businesses only have the information that they need and when it comes to direct mail, obtaining the consent is easier. This is because you can rely on what’s officially known as ‘legitimate interests’ for your marketing activities. Read more about direct mail after GDPR  in our recent blog.



Adding print to the mix improves the effectiveness of digital


While we are champions of print, the key to a successful marketing campaign is an integrated approach that combines both digital and offline channels. Recent research describes how brands can significantly increase their ROI by using print to drive traffic online.


So, as you can see, in 2020, there are many compelling reasons to keep print marketing well and truly on the menu. Print provides a unique way of grabbing attention and nurturing long term relationships at a time when we’re all suffering from digital overload.


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