Here’s My Card - Why Business Cards are Still as Relevant as Ever

Why Business Cards are Still as Relevant as Ever

Marketing has become increasingly digital in the 21st century. Email marketing, social media and AdWords are all commonplace in marketing practice – but where does this leave the business card? Despite constant digitalisation, business cards remain as important as ever.


It’s Personal

Business cards are personal. If you’re meeting for the first time, handing over a business card at the end of a positive conversation is a signal of intent and a gesture of goodwill. Emailing your details can seem impersonal and might get lost amongst unread emails, exchanging a business card is a physical process that forms more of a bond with a potential contact.


Ready for Anything

Business cards add legitimacy to your business. Not only do they look professional, they show you’re prepared. By simply carrying a few cards in your pocket, you’ll be ready for any unexpected meetings. It looks far more professional than scrambling around to write down emails or phone numbers.


Looking Sharp

As the old adage goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. Your business card has allowed you to form a personal contact and demonstrate professionalism, with technological advances and a little creativity, business cards have also become a great way to demonstrate your business’ personality at a glance.


The tangible nature of the card; its weight, the feel of the card conveys subtle cues about you and your organisation. The design communicates the brand, the contact details and layout show your attention to detail and consideration to those needing to contact you by making it easy to see the information they need to use. Whether it’s a swanky laminate or a funky spot UV, metallic foil, emboss or deboss it’s the effort you take to make a good card great and help you make that lasting impression. No email can do that.


Sharing is Caring

The Japanese have an amazing ritual when it comes to business cards. They know that what you hand over is a piece of yourself. Meishi Koukan establishes who offers their card first, whose card is above and whose is below. Nothing is left to chance; from the carefully thought out information hierarchy printed on the card to the business card holder to keep it in pristine condition.


While we in the West may not subscribe to such great level of detail about the humble business card, it is worth remembering that a physical business card is more likely to trigger a memory moving forward than an email. We’re far more referable if we’ve handed over a business card. Potential contacts can share your business card with others, giving you the chance to promote your business even further.


Despite attempts to bring business cards online effectively, the physical card remains as relevant as ever. Here at My Audience, we help companies rejuvenate their branding, and design and print creative business cards to help you make a great first impression. To find out more, please give us a call today on 0118 936 0123 or email at