The Power of Paper

Just about everything seems to be moving in the digital direction these days – books, shopping, cameras, you name it. Even the marketing world is becoming increasingly centred around digital tools.

But when we delve a little deeper, we can see that physical marketing is making a comeback! It may be the traditional route, but it’s still extremely relevant for running a good campaign.

So why is physical marketing so important?

It all comes down to the fact that we like tangibility. Being able to touch and feel physical things makes them feel more real. Having the chance to interact with your brand and products creates a better experience for your customer than an email they’ll probably delete straight away.

It also gives a feeling of nostalgia – of how things used to be. People enjoy this type of marketing for that reason and there’s now a gap within the digital world for it.

So why should you use physical marketing?

Making your brand memorable

It’s well known that physical marketing is more memorable than digital marketing. Evidence suggests we find it easier to mentally process physical mail. Neuroscientists conducting research in Canada found that people are much better at recalling brands when their ads are physical.

Even so, many businesses use emails as a key marketing tool. When you think about the hundreds of email ads people receive daily, how many do you think they open and read? The reality is, probably very few.

But when we have physical mail, we’re much more likely to take the time to sort through it. You’ve got a much better chance of people reading your ad and remembering it. Even if they end up throwing it away, they’re still more likely to have read and taken in the information as opposed to if it was in email form.

So, if you’re looking to gain long-term recognition from your customers, physical marketing is the way to go.

Making your brand credible

Physical marketing is also a great way to give your brand credibility. Printed ads are perceived to be more trustworthy.

People are more likely to believe and trust something they physically have in front of them than something they’ve seen on a webpage.

Providing a physical reminder

It’s a way of giving customers something to keep. Having a physical reminder of your brand means they’ll see it repeatedly, making them more likely to remember your brand image. They can read and browse whenever they feel like it, whereas online versions are likely to get lost or forgotten about.

Engage your customers

Even though emails and other digital marketing tools can help you reach a greater number of people, that doesn’t matter if they’re not engaging with your content.

Online methods may allow you to reach a larger audience but it’s not certain those customers will engage.

These are just a few of the many reasons why physical marketing is still a great way to engage with your customers. That’s not to say that physical and digital marketing have to be mutually exclusive. Using the two to complement each other could be the key to your success.

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