Graphic Design Trends in Marketing 2018

As we move through the early stages of 2018, we can start to gauge which graphic design trends are going to take off, and which ones are going to fade away. In a fast-paced digital world, brands are moving away from minimalist, clean designs to bold, brave and eye-catching campaigns. If you’re looking for inspiration for your 2018 designs, look no further!


Less is more

‘Brand distillation’, ‘Responsive logo’s’ – call it what you want, but it is here to stay. As attention spans get shorter and people spend more and more time on their phones, brands have been forced to rethink their strategy. Rather than having intricate and complex designs, companies are now moving towards simplified but hard-hitting logos – with the aim of being instantly recognisable.

Streamlining logos not only gives them more punch, but it also allows them to be more ‘user friendly’ for web designers and developers – a key need for companies in this technology driven age.


brands | Graphic Design Trends in Marketing 2018



Words become images

Typography was undoubtedly one of the top trends in 2017, and it looks set to stay hot in 2018. Much like with the logo’s, brands are trying to catch people’s attention as quickly and easily as possible. In 2018, look out for designers getting extra-creative with their typeface: loud colours; huge fonts; interactive letters. In short, the rule book is being thrown out.


Typography | Graphic Design Trends in Marketing 2018



There’s no harm in repeating a good thing

A trend that’s being known as ‘millennial branding’, brands are opting to use 1980’s throwback colour palettes and patterns. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it will have been impossible to miss our high streets and online stores getting flooded by ‘millennial pink’ – a shade of pink that has the blue notes taken out. As the kids of the 80’s and early 90’s are entering their 20’s and 30’s, they are becoming the main target audiences for many companies. Designers are hoping to tap in to that bit of nostalgia and capture the vibe of that era – especially as we move towards more abstract and geometric driven designs.


80s | Graphic Design Trends in Marketing 2018



Don’t paint it black

Expect to see some very intense posters next year. As with all the trends mentioned in this blog, there is a move away from ‘flat’ designs of the Noughties – brands and designers are looking to create strong visuals, with plenty of depths and gradient. The vibrant colours are a statement of boldness and bravery from brands who want to move away from minimalism and show off their personality.


Poster | Graphic Design Trends in Marketing 2018



You will also see these colours mixed with duotones and double exposures. Whilst this has been around for a while in movie posters, it’s now making a move into the mainstream as it allows designers to convey multiple messages in an aesthetically pleasing and easy to pull off way.


Double Exposures | Graphic Design Trends in Marketing 2018



2018 is going to be far from boring. Designers will have the green light to get as creative as possible, as brands look to out-do each other and grab audiences. We are incredibly excited to see how creatives will continue to push boundaries.

If you want to discuss design trends further, or chat about how your business can redesign it’s marketing, get in touch with us here.