MyAudience boost productivity and colour capabilities with their new iGen5 150 press

MyAudience has acquired a new Xerox iGen5 150 press that delivers faster print speeds, greater availability and expanded colour capabilities to better meet their client needs.


“At MyAudience we help our clients take a data-driven approach to their marketing,” said Chris Kenny, Director of MyAudience. “The iGen 5 enables variable printing at a new level of visual appeal. Our clients now have increased options for creating personalised, impactful printed pieces and setting themselves apart in the marketplace.”


The new press also offers enhanced colour capabilities by complementing CMYK with optional fifth toner station. The iGen 5 enables the use of metallics such as gold and silver, white and clear toners, orange, green or blue colours to expand the achievable colour gamut and more accurately match Pantone colours. MyAudience is using it to improve brand colour matching in brochures, direct mail, posters, flyers, manuals, tags and other printed marketing materials.


As well as the iGen 5 being able to print the larger sheet size 364mm x 660mm it also has improved imaging technology printing 2400 x 2400 lines per inch which maximise image and text quality within the same page along with accurate colour and object-oriented halftones.


The MyAudience designers are already getting their teeth into some exciting ideas and concepts that will show off the potential of the new press. We are confident that over the next few months all of our clients will see on an everyday basis the improved quality, this new machine can produce. 

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